Sharing Online
  • Pete's Stuff has some great stories adapted on Power Point, they are made just for students with special needs
  • HiYah Software is all created in Power Point, but you don't need Power Point to use it, these simple programs expose our students to many concepts and they can "turn the pages" with their switches
  • Tar Heel Reader is a website where special needs teachers and others have shared thousands of simple books, created in Power Point, for their students. The books can be viewed or read to you online. Switch users can "turn the page" with their switch. Books can be downloaded for use offline.
  • SET BC PowerPoint Books - a collection of teacher made books in Power Point
  • Scanned Books Collection
  • Speech Tx Power Point Activities
  • Annie's Attic has many activities just for special needs in Power Point (also in Boardmaker, Classroom Suite and Clicker 5)
  • Region 2 Library Power Points has some pre-made Power Point Books just for special needs, scroll all the way down
  • Talking Book Library also has a collection of PPT talking books
  • Visual Stimulation has ten cause and effect PPTs designed for student who need to work on visual attention and visual tracking
  • Whiteboard Room Profound and Multiple Disabilties Section has a number of activities in several catagories for download (make sure activities are PowerPoint and not Opus or another multimedia software before downloading.)


Ways to Further Adapt Power Point (for free)
  • 4Pete's Sake is an application that limits the actions "switch happy" users can take while using power point, insisting they look at every page
  • Power Talk is an application that makes Power Point read to you