There are many resources for books and other literacy experiences for our students. Boardmaker Plus, Classroom Suite and Power Point can all be used to make accessible books.
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For many interactive book websites the classic way of making them switch accessible is to position the switch over the "turn page" button and set the switch interface to mouse click. An adult may need to assist with "switch happy" students.

  • Tumblebooks is an online library of interactive books. Many adaptations of popular children's picture books. It is a subscription based service, but many local libraries have links through their websites allowing free access. Here is the link to Chelmsford, MA's Children's Library, scroll down and click on "e-books for kids".
  • KidThing is a interactive book and activty player that can be downloaded for free. For the most part it isn't switch accessible, but you can do the mouse-over-arrow-switch trick. If you sign up through the NEA website you can get free content for your KidThing Player.
  • Silly Books is a free interactive story website. The content varies in quality, but in general it is worth a look.
  • Story Cove requires a free subscription but has audio and video versions of folktales from around the world.
  • Speakaboos has animated stories of high quality, you can also record your own stories. For a fee you can download stories. (They also have worksheets, crafts and recipes to go with some of the stories in the teachers section.)