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This camera can be used to tape short (even as short as 3 seconds) video clips for Switch It Maker, Choose It Maker and other authoring programs (Boardmaker Plus, Classroom Suite, Power Point). It can also be used to record data for Alternative Assessment, information for transition portfolios and as part of classroom projects.

Download the latest Flip Software to Create and Edit Movies! (Called FlipShare)


Things to Do with Your Flip Camera in the Classroom:
  • make clips for inserts into authoring software
  • film students for their transition portfolios
  • film field trips with narration for parents
  • interviewing other students, staff or community members using voice output switches and record on film
  • film yourself teaching for your own professional development
  • film a student doing a task now and then each quarter and compare for data
  • make a video with a tour of your classroom and school for new students
  • film a create lesson, activity, or even party to show later
  • film a story time or greeting from students and staff for a student who is out having surgery or is sick
  • film a student using a communication device or another piece of equipment to share with therapists during consult, parents or just to pass on to the next teacher

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