Communication Passports
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CALL Scotland Communication Passport Website
CALL Scotland Communication Passport Website with Power Point Templates

Other Passport Versions/Templates for Ideas
iSpeek PDF (must be hand written) communication templates (scroll down)
Emergency Communication Passport from Widget
Valuing Medway People
Oxfordshire Total Communication
Full of Life

Consider Adding a Communication Dictionary/Non-verbal Communication Glossary
These add-ons to the Passport go by a few different names, but the general idea is that our students have unique ways of communicating that we need to know about, for example, "pretending to sleep" may mean, "I don't want to get up from my rest" and, "putting my face on the floor while I am on the mat" may mean, "I want attention" . Touching a chin may mean "water" for one student and "mom" for another. Even spoken language can have a unique meaning to our students, "ga" may mean, "go" or "juice". If the previous TEAM or the family doesn't fill us in it can take months or longer to reinvent the wheel with communication. A Communication Glossary is a way to answer the question, "what does that mean?" for the next TEAM. It is a set of photos of gestures/signs with meanings underneath or a list of phonetic spellings of word approximations or phrases with meanings listed.
Communication Dictionary

Multi-Media, Fee Based Passports
Big Ears

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